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Wrefords Transport - £1.4m

Another design and build project comprising the construction of a 15,000ft2 industrial unit with 2 storey offices, warehousing and workshop facilities for HGV servicing and V.O.S.A MOT's.

This project is on a former land fill site and comprehensive reclamation and remediation works were required in readiness for construction works to commence. The construction of this unit was a specialist designed, heavily reinforced raft foundation, which was poured in the open air, in January, to support a steel framed structure, with a combination of highly insulated composite and built up cladding and ribbon windows, all protected by a specialist designed and installed, forced ventilated gas protection system


The extensive use of recycled materials, materials that comply with Green Guide "A" Rated Materials, FSC timber, materials with 0-rated GWP and ODP, water and waste monitoring, high insulation and low "U" values, low air permeability allowed us to achieve a BREEAM "Good" rating. Also included was rain water harvesting, a fully recycling vehicle wash, under chassis vehicle cleaning, fuel storage and pumps, bypass interceptors, comprehensive CCTV installation to comply with Secure by Design requirements, as well as environmental improvements including diverse, native landscape planting, bird boxes, bat boxes, log piles and Lacewing habitat. The installation of a solar hot water system on the roof further added to the green credentials for this project.


In conjunction with the rain water harvesting system any surplus water is disposed of through an extensive culvert water retention S.U.D.S soak-away chambers that were specifically design to alleviate the flooding potential associated with Northampton.

The contract was registered and certified with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.


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