Fyffes, Richardson Way, Cross Point Business Park, Coventry


Fyffes Bananas - £1.45m

The design and build construction of a 40,000ft2 extension to the Fyffes Banana Ripening Facility.


The construction of this extension, to nearly double the capacity of our Client’s banana ripening centre, entailed vibro-piling of the site to improve the ground bearing capabilities of the formation along with the installation of a series of dock levellers, a surface water attenuation tank with a restricted flow control plate to regulate discharge to the main storm drain, along with all associated external works.


Close and detailed planning, monitoring and liaison between the professionals and sub-contractors during the design and construction stages allowed this contract to progress at speed and ultimately finish some six weeks ahead of programme.


This whole contract was undertaken without any disruption to our Client or his day-to-day business activities.


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