Faccenda, Brackley

Industrial Food Factory

Faccenda - £2.1m

The design and build construction of 2 new industrial buildings for our client Faccenda, the new 19,000ft2 Goods-In building which is now covering their existing external service yard, combined with a 7,00ft2, 2 storey extension of the existing Bi-Products facility. These new buildings had to be constructed in and around our clients 24 hour a day, five and a half days a week, normal working operations. Planning and cooperation between our site team and our clients management teams covering each of their production disciplines were the key to the success of this contract, this, combined with a series of extremely detailed programmes and procedures were implemented in order to co-ordinate every element of this very challenging project.


Our normal construction activities had to run 7 days a week, 70% of our production being achieved over the weekend, there was also a period of 6 weeks of 24 hour working ! for our ground workers ! whilst undertaking an AWA drainage diversion through the “live” yard.


Other works involved, HV cable diversions, LV cable modifications, demolition, piling, large underground reinforced gas process pits, gravity drainage, pumped drainage, process drainage, white walling, chilled areas, scissor lift table, CO2 monitoring, heating, cooling, vehicle washing area all to allow our clients new automated conveyor system to be installed.


The sectional deadlines for this contract were very challenging as the installation date was already agreed with Linco, our clients German conveyor manufacturer. Our works were completed on time, without any disruption to our client, thus enabling their production processes to continue as normal.


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