Cranfield University, Silsoe


Cranfield University - £630K

This design and build project comprises the construction of a new Off Road Vehicle Testing Facility of approximately 12,000 ft2, including control rooms, toilet provisions, a dyno room with pit, and incorporating the most important element of the build, a 55m long soil bin for testing both vehicle performance, combined with the collecting data of the impact the vehicles have on the soil, be it simply a field or even a desert.


The "soil bin" was required to be waterproof from both inside and outside to ensure that no external elements could affect the scientific results required from the testing that was to be undertaken.  Very specific conditions needed to be replicated by adding or subtracting water to the media within the pit so that assessments could be undertaken for all the seasons throughout the year. 


Once again another competitively tendered project that was well over budget. Innovative thinking combined with detailed cost planning, design and specification alternates along the programme improvements all proved invaluable and ultimately enabled this project to succeed. 


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